Athletics Leadership Program Kicks Off Sixth Year

Athletics Leadership Program Kicks Off Sixth Year

The University of Mount Olive held its sixth annual athletics leadership program on Tuesday. The purpose of the program is to help potential leaders develop a wide array of skills including self-awareness, confidence, and leadership strategies.

Tuesday's opening session featured opening icebreaker activities and a DiSC assessment, which examines four styles of human behavior:  Dominance (D), Influence (i), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C.  The assessment helps to explain leadership styles, including strengths and weaknesses, and how certain leaderships styles interact with others.

The program is being led by men's volleyball head coach David Heller for the first time and will feature at least four sessions that span the course of the academic year. These sessions will feature activities and assessments that help strengthen the student-athletes into better leaders.

"The student-athletes were really eager and willing to learn how they could better serve their teams. The DISC assessment was their first step and a very eye-opening experience for a lot of them. It's very specific down to their working and leadership style," said Heller.  "The great thing about the student athletes at UMO is that there were different leadership style groups across campus, but they can all unite for a common goal of being the best team they can. I really look forward to working with this group over the next year!"

The participants, as nominated by their coaches, included:

Kayla Allen (Softball)

Jada Bacchus (Women's Basketball)

DeAndre Barber (Men's Basketball)

Linn Bergman (Women's Golf)

Shona Blades (Women's Cross Country)

Lindsey Burton (Women's Golf)

Jose Cortijos (Men's Tennis)

Evan Floyd (Men's Lacrosse)

Mariana Gamboa-Hernandez (Women's Tennis)

Tayon Gleaves (Men's Basketball)

Casey Gover (Women's Lacrosse)

Leah Hanle (Women's Cross Country)

Kian Hollevoet (Men's Volleyball)

Kelly Huffman (Softball)

Diego Lopez (Men's Cross Country)

Anton Lund (Men's Soccer)

Liam McAnally (Men's Golf)

Alex Meseguer (Men's Tennis)

Natalie Perez (Women's Volleyball)

Sterling Morris (Women's Soccer)

Marcus Proesch (Men's Golf)

Julissa Quintanilla (Women's Tennis)

Joel Roberts (Men's Volleyball)

Mikayla Sindel (Women's Lacrosse)

Kamber Skeen (Women's Volleyball)

Tai Smith (Men's Cross Country)

Hope Toliver (Women's Basketball)

Austin Whitlow (Men's Lacrosse)

Joseph Williams (Men's Soccer)

Jocelyn Yurchak (Women's Soccer)