UMO Kicks-off #GiveUMOAthletics Giving Week

UMO Kicks-off #GiveUMOAthletics Giving Week

Mount Olive, N.C. – Looking to advance all Trojan athletic programs, UMO Athletics Giving Week is underway. This week of giving is aimed at providing increased opportunities for UMO student-athletes and athletic programs as a whole. The giving week runs through Friday, April 7.

For one week, students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends come together to grant opportunities and transform lives. This week, UMO Athletics encourages you to support 17 projects that athletic teams and affiliate departments have selected that will further the efforts of the Trojans as a whole.

"#GIVEUMOAthletics is a great opportunity for students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members to pay it forward by supporting one of the 17 projects during our giving week," said UMO Director of External Affairs for Athletics Dwayne McKay. "Trojan athletics has a rich tradition and we want to continue to grow our programs.  We appreciate all donations!"

UMO Athletics will cover #GiveUMOAthletics on its website ( and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, providing updates on the progress of the giving week and how your donations impact student-athletes at Mount Olive.

Here's how you can help:

Any size gift makes an impact on UMO athletics! Starting at just $10, you can support Trojan student-athletes, programs, and affiliated departments. To learn more about the specific projects, click here. If you are ready to give, you can make your gift here.

Please help us spread the word on social media and help build awareness and encourage other Trojans to support UMO athletics. Help by sharing and retweeting content posted by @UMOAthletics on Twitter, @UMO_Athletics on Instagram, and UMO Athletics on Facebook and use the hashtag #GiveUMOAthletics to participate in the conversation!

Those wanting to donate as part of #GiveUMOAthletics Giving Week can give by: 
* Donating online
* Giving by phone: Contact Dwayne McKay at 919-658-7757.

For more information on #GiveUMOAthletics Giving Week, click here.