UMO Odyssey Leadership Group Reaches New Heights

UMO Odyssey Leadership Group Reaches New Heights

The University of Mount Olive Odyssey leadership program took to new heights at the NC State ropes course in the Schenck Forest in Raleigh, North Carolina. 25 UMO student-athletes tip-toed and swung their way through the high ropes course before finishing with a trip down a zip line. The student-athletes were also assembled in groups to help build communication with activities on the ground.

"After attending the ropes course, I felt that I could conquer anything. I had to learn to not only trust myself but my teammate Cyerra Carter on the ropes course. Trust is a trait that we all had to gain during this experience, something that we can take back to improve our team's performance. We have to learn to trust ourselves, teammates, coaching staff, and athletic trainers to get the job done.  If we all do what we are supposed to do, amazing things will happen," said Taylor Moncrief member of the women's track and field team.

"I thought the ropes course was very motivating and educational. For myself, being someone who is afraid of heights, I was hesitant towards whether I wanted to challenge myself or not. It pushed me to test my own limits and showed me that I could get myself out of my comfort zone. Thus, teaching me that throughout life I'm going to need to test my limits and sometimes put myself out of my comfort zone in order to achieve certain goals, but all in all I would definitely refer this to other students as it was a great experience," said Kiara Burke member of the women's lacrosse team. 


This is the fourth event of the 2017-18 Odyssey leadership program under the direction of leader and men's volleyball head coach David Heller. The University of Mount Olive kicked off its annual Odyssey Leadership program in early October. The purpose of the program is to help potential leaders develop a wide array of skills including self-awareness, confidence, and leadership strategies. 

The Odyssey Leadership program started in 2011 and began this year with three activities aimed at getting participants to know each other and to teach the importance of communication. The group has done a DiSC assessment, an NCAA DII Campus retreat, utilizing sports movies such as Hoosiers and Remember the Titans, to teach leadership principles, and most recently did a Hunger Games activity based on the movie The Hunger Games.


Following the activities at NC State, the Odyssey leadership group enjoyed dinner at Vice President for Athletics Jeff Eisen's home.

The next session for the Odyssey Leadership Group will be at the begining of the spring semester in January.