78 Student-Athletes Named 2017-18 D2 ADA Academic Achievement Award Recipients

78 Student-Athletes Named 2017-18 D2 ADA Academic Achievement Award Recipients

The University of Mount Olive had a total of 78 student-athletes named recipients of the 2017-18 D2 Athletic Directors Association Academic Achievement Award, it was announced recently by the Division II Athletics Directors Association (D2 ADA). The mark boasts the highest number of student-athletes named to the ADA Achievement Award list in school history.

A total of 165 institutions and 10,219 student-athletes were recognized as 2017-18 Academic Achievement Award winners. 

In order for a student-athlete to receive an Academic Achievement Award, the athletics director of the Division II institution must be a current dues-paying member of the D2 ADA. Also, the student-athlete must: have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale, have attended a minimum of two years (four semesters) of college-level work, and have been an active member of an intercollegiate team during his/her last academic year.

Full D2 ADA Achievement Award Release

Below are the Trojans Named Academic Achievement Award winners:

Zachary Burke Baseball
Justin Carroll Baseball
Ray Catena Baseball
Christopher  Douglass Baseball
Braxton Shetley Baseball
Gunner  Tolston Baseball
Emmanuel Patton Men's Basketball
Hope  Toliver Women's Basketball
Harry Bayley Men's Golf
Ricardo Gutierrez Becker Men's Golf
Markus Proesch Men's Golf
Patrick Schweitz Men's Golf
Johanna Andersson Women's Golf
Linn Bergman Women's Golf
Lindsey Burton Women's Golf
Julia Kaeding Women's Golf
Timothy  Collins Men's Lacrosse
Graden Soucy Men's Lacrosse
Austin Whitlow Men's Lacrosse
Karlie Abbott Women's Lacrosse
Siena  Miller  Women's Lacrosse
Grant  Conybear Men's Soccer
James  Gilliam Men's Soccer
Nikolai Iotov Men's Soccer
Erik Lund Men's Soccer
Nathan Pike Men's Soccer
Anthony Wren Men's Soccer
Lewis  Xiberras Men's Soccer
Santiago Zapata Men's Soccer
Benedette Abbate Women's Soccer
Mackenzie  Abbott Women's Soccer
Hannah Kirk Women's Soccer
Kristen Power Women's Soccer/Softball
Kara  Scott Women's Soccer
Jocelyn Yurchak Women's Soccer
Kayla Allen Softball
Eileen Barrera Softball
Amari Borrego Softball
Emily Chaisson Softball
Summer Dickerson Softball
Callie Ferrell Softball
Anna Ingram Softball
Alexis Oliver Softball
Kylie Ward Softball
Nicole  La Chappelle Women's Tennis
Julissa Quintanilla Women's Tennis
Sherzod  Akramov Men's Tennis
Jacob Clarke Men's Tennis
Jack  Middleton Men's Tennis
Martin Moser Men's Tennis
Leah Hanle Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Daphne  Hawkins Women's Track & Field
Meredith Lorient Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Taylor  Moncrief Women's Track & Field
Heidi Murray Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Elise Tanner Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Hannah Glover Women's Track & Field
Shania Riffle Women's Track & Field
Sven Bulik Men's Track & Field
Altan Cornu Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Adam Craig Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Davide Cuccurullo Men's Track & Field
Jonathan Dahlke Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Colin  Fisher Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Nicholas Greyno Men's Track & Field
Diego Lopez Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Tai Smith Men's Cross Country/Track & Field
Zachary Teeple Men's Track & Field
Yigit Erkek Men's Volleyball
Bradley Monaghan Men's Volleyball
Jesiah Orr Men's Volleyball
Robert Poole Men's Volleyball
Joel Roberts Men's Volleyball
Bret Rutledge Men's Volleyball
Jeffrey Yasalonis Men's Volleyball
Lisa Anderson Women's Volleyball
Casey Fiechter Women's Volleyball
Britni Johnson Women's Volleyball