Odyssey Leadership Program Kicks Off 2018-19 Year

Laurica Yancey, Director of Career Devolpment
Laurica Yancey, Director of Career Devolpment

The University of Mount Olive kicked off its annual Odyssey Leadership program this week. The purpose of the program is to help potential leaders develop a wide array of skills including self-awareness, confidence, and leadership strategies.

The Odyssey Leadership program started in 2011 and is under new direction this year as Kourtney Chumbley, Assistant Men's and Women's Tennis Coach, will help guide a new group of future leaders. This year started with an activity aimed at getting participants to know each other and to teach the importance of personality. The first session featured a presentation from Laurica Yancey, Director of Career Development, who presented on Strengths Finder. Yancy helped the participants focus on what their strengths were and how to utilize them based off of the results from the Strengths Finder test.

"The program got off to a great start tonight. We have a good group of student-athletes who were actively engaged and want to build their leadership skills.  I'm looking forward to working with them throughout the year," said Chumbley.

Following the presentation, the leadership group commenced in some competitive games as the first session came to a close.

The next session will be November 11 when the Odyssey Leadership Program will be tested at the high ropes course at NC State.

The participants, as nominated by their coaches, included:

Iyanu Adebisi Volleyball
Linn Andersson Golf
Eileen Barrera Softball
Brittany Beckford Track and Field
Justin Bellamy Soccer
Kendall Blaine Soccer
Michael Brown Basketball
Allison Cribb Volleyball
Armando Ferreira Tennis
Cristina Galvan Soccer
Lexi Gast Lacrosse
Jessica Glenn Cross Country
Montre Holmes Track and Field
Cachet Johnson Basketball
Tom Kalliske Track and Field
Ania Keene Volleyball
James Lang Soccer
Candise Lockett Track and Field
Alexis Oliver Softball
Chaija Olsson Lacrosse
Reed Parris Baseball
Zarya Poulava Basketball
Cameron P Robinson Basketball
Olle Ryberg Golf
Savannah Massey Cheerleading
Dempsey Ryne Cheerleading
Deike Schipper Tennis
Quentin Stimpson Track and Field
JT Stone Baseball
Samantha Tobin Track and Field
Luke Visgitis Volleyball
Connor Watson Lacrosse
Jacob Williams Lacrosse
Jon Wojcuich Cross Country