Sportsware - Online Medical/Physical History

Dear Student-Athlete and Parent(s)/Guardian(s):


On behalf of the University of Mount Olive Sports Medicine Department, we would like to welcome you to University of Mount Olive. The Sports Medicine Department at University of Mount Olive exists to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in the safest and healthiest manner possible.


In order for you, the student-athlete, to compete in intercollegiate athletics here at University of Mount Olive all of the necessary paperwork must be completed online through Sportsware. As a freshman/transfer student-athlete a physical and medical history, along with insurance information and multiple releases are to be completed and uploaded into the SportsWare system. If ALL forms are not fully complete, there will be a delay in your participation in any intercollegiate practices and/or games here at University of Mount Olive. Please follow the directions below to submit the required information.





It is essential that all information provided on the SportsWare database is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. Should you have any issues or questions while completing your student athlete profile, please contact one of the Sports Medicine Staff listed below via email. The copy of your insurance card and physical for freshman should be returned in the provided business reply envelope. All information must be completed by July 1. Any delay in receiving the student-athlete information may cause a delay in your participation upon your arrival to University of Mount Olive.


Thank you for your prompt help. If you have any questions, please contact the Sports Medicine office via e-mail for assistance at