7 Alanna Bauche
7 Alanna Bauche
Height: 5-3
Year: So.
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Position: Att
Major: Business
Previous School: Post University

Post Dean's List

Reasons For Attending MOC: "I like the idea of being a part of a new, strong lacrosse program and to get a higher education."
Plans After College: "Move back to Canada and work until everything falls into place."

Fun Facts
Describe What It Feels Like To Be A Part Of Mount Olive's First-Ever Women's Lacrosse Team... "It's pretty cool knowing we're the first-ever to start the program. It's only going up from here and we all get to say 'We founded it here at Mount Olive.'"
People Would Be Surprised To Find Out...: "I 'twiddle' pillows to fall asleep."
If You Could Schedule One Tournament For Mount Olive, Where Would It Be? "California."
What Superpower Do You Have? "Super small."
Describe Your Weirdest Obsession Or Superstition... "Shopping and clothes obsession like any girl. Recently, the 50 Shades of Grey books."
Detail Your Favorite "Brush With Greatness" Experience... "I didn't really meet him, but I picked up Alysha from the Phoenix airport and she was sitting next to Ludacris the whole time and didn't even know. And he smiled at us."