1 Riann Daziel
1 Riann Daziel
Height: 5-5
Year: Fr.
Hometown: East Hampstead, N.H.
Position: Att
Major: Business Management
Previous School: Pinkerton Academy

High School Honor Roll
High School Coaches Award
High School Athlete of the Week
High School Record-Holder (Goals in a game, goals in a season)
High School 100 Career Goals

Reasons For Attending MOC: "Beautiful weather."
Plans After College: "Work in human resources."

Fun Facts
People Would Be Surprised To Find Out...: "I hate cheese and I'm scared of birds."
If You Could Schedule One Tournament For Mount Olive, Where Would It Be? "Key West, Fla."
What Superpower Do You Have? "Read minds."
Describe Your Weirdest Obsession Or Superstition... "I can't let my phone be lower than 80 percent charged or I'll get anxiety."
Detail Your Favorite "Brush With Greatness" Experience... "Allen Shepard (astronaut) went to my high school."