Trojan Club Members

Updated July 1, 2016

Trojan Level ($1,000 +)

All Pro Collisions

Alphin Insurance Agency

Anderson Heating & Cooling

Best of Clinton, Inc.

Best Used Cars, Incorporated

Buddy's Jewelry, Inc.

Cape Fear Transportation, Inc.

Mr. John W. Connor

Dixon Foods Group, Inc.

E-Z Bait and Tackle

Friendly Mart, Incorporated

Genesis HealthCare LLC

Hanes Brands

Mr. Mike Heller

High Standard Cleaning, Inc.

Highway 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries of Mount Olive

Jordan Logistics, Inc.

Kornegay Company, LLC

Kornegay Insurance Agency, Inc.

William E. Lee and Sons Trucking Co.

The Little Mint, Inc.

Friends of Michael L. Martin

Matthews Motors

Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne P. McKay

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon S. Mills

Mount Olive Physical Therapy LLC

Mount Olive Tribune

The Honorable and Mrs. Wendell H. Murphy

Mrs. Judith Norfolk

Mr. William F. Outlaw

Pepsi Bottling Ventures, LLC

Piggly Wiggly

Pizza Village

Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Power, Jr.

Roseboro Pharmacy, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sherrill

Sleep Inn

Southern Bank

Southern Bank Foundation

Sportsman's World, Inc.

Subway at Handy Mart

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Talton

Tands, Incorporated

Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Woodard

Coach Level ($500-999)

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bass

Dr. and Mrs. John N. Blackwell

Captain and Mrs. Emil L. Cekada

Certified Memorials

Chevrolet Cadillac of Goldsboro

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Clingan

Commonwealth-Altadis, Inc.

Core-Mark Distributors, Inc.

D & J Drugs, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Davis III

Dixie Belle Distributing, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Eisen

El Mazatlan

Exxon Mobil Companies

Ferrell Farms

Ficken-Blackwelder Insurance & Realty, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Fiechter

Flowers Bakeries, LLC

Friends of Baseball

Mr. and Mrs. Ashley K. Gilliam

Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick J. Higginbotham, Sr.

Jackson's Auto Mart, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Linwood J. Jones

Dr. and Mrs. Philip P. Kerstetter

Kiwanis of Mount Olive

Dr. Barbara Kornegay

Kornegay Realty, Inc.

Lasky Enterprises, Inc.

Mrs. LaToya Greene Lindsey

M & R Holdings, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mangum

Mr. A. N. Martin III

Meco Inc of Florence

Ms. Joanne Morgan

Mount Olive Pickle Company

Nino's Bistro Inc.

E. J. Pope and Son, Inc.

Ribeyes of Mount Olive LLC

Richards Building Supply Company

Ms. Dianne Brown Riley

Dr. Charles Robinson

Smith Chapel Supply & Ag Services, Inc.

Swedish Match

Swisher International, Inc.

Trophies and Tributes

Ronald Tyndall Agency

Mr. Benjamin L. Ward

Yummy Orient, Inc.

MVP Level ($250-499)

Andy's Charitable Foundation, Inc.

B R D & Sons, Inc. DBA Main Street Promotions

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley E. Beddard

Mr. William Bellos

Mr. and Mrs. Phil E. Carden


Coca-Cola Bottling Company

Dr. Norman R. Crumpacker

Ms. Laura Cush

Mr. and Mrs. Brian H. Davis

Dr. Dennis Draper, Jr.

Eastern Carolina Pediatrics, PA

E.M. and O.W. Edwards Foundation, Inc.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Evans

Mr. Joseph P. Flott

Ms. Kristen L. Gibson

Green Enterprise, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Henely S. Hales

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Hamm

Mr. David J. Heller

Dr. and Mrs. K. David Hines

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holland

Holt Equipment Co. LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy D. Jeffers

Mr. Christopher P. Keen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kelley

Mr. Randy Q. King, Sr.

Land Mark Products, Inc.

Mars Snackfood US

Masonboro Capital Group, LLC

Roy Matthew McNeill Inc.

First United Methodist Church Mount Olive

Mount Olive Jaycees

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Richling, Jr.

Mrs. Roseann Rocchio

Dr. J. Paul Rutter III

S & D Coffee, Inc.

Mr. Stephen Sangiorgi

Scott Insurance and Financial, Inc.

Shaw's Refrigeration, Inc.

Silver Real Estate LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Singletary, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Smith

Mr. Chase Smith

Mr. John C. Smith, Jr.

Southeastern Chemical Sales

Southern Beverage Packers, Inc.

Southern Sign, Inc.

Stevens Sausage Company, Inc.

T & G Farms, Inc.

Mr. David Thatch

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan W. Tuten

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Tyndall

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. van Lierop

Waste Industries

Mr. George F. Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. James I. Whitley
Ms. Stephonie Yeo-Lowery

Green Level ($100-249)

Mr. and Mrs. Travis W. Allen

Associated Distributors

Mr. Shane J. Aube

Baker's Specialty Inc.

Mr. Gary F. Barefoot

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Barron

Bennett Auto Brokers, LLC

Ms. Lynn Betros

Mr. Christopher Black

Mr. Shelton A. Blanton

Bo Mar Distributors

Mr. Wesley J. Bosiger

Mr. Don Bowman

Mr. Robert C. Braswell

Ms. Jacquelyn D. Brennan

Mr. Richard T. Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Bunch

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bundy, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Byrd, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Byrd

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Call

Mr. Dan Cardella

Dr. Brenda B. Cates

Ms. Debra J. Chandler

CLC Financial Services Group, LLC

Anthony R. Clewis

Coastal Beverage Company

Mr. Kenneth D. Coghill

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Coghill

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Connor

Dr. Mark E. Deaton

Dolphin sales, Inc.

Mr. Mark D. Dwarte

Mr. David M. Eckstein

Exchange Club of Mount Olive

Federated Insurance

Food Lion Inc. - Mount Olive

Friends of the Trojan Club

Frito Lay

Geological Resources, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ira Ginn

Goldsboro Restaurant Management, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Greene

Mr. William C. Greene

Mr. Justin M. Griffith

Mr. Kenneth R. Grisewood

Mr. William R. Grover, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jose F. Guzman

Ms. Madison N. Hankal

Ms. Sharon Hansen

Ms. J. J. Hathaway

Ms. Zaida P. Hernandez

Mr. Joey Higginbotham, Jr.

Mr. Kendall Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent S. Horne

Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Hudson

Mr. William C. Hudson, Sr.

Huffman Farms, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Huffman

Mr. Edward Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Ingram

Mrs. Nancye C. Jarrell

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Jenkins

JGS Communications

JR's Auto Sales

Mr. Edwin L. King

Ms. Marilyn F. Koferl

Kornegay, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kunst

Mrs. Jaime Kylis-Higginbotham

Mr. Carl Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lang

Ms. Jenny Y. Lau

Leak and Associates, Inc.

Mr. Herman Linnen

Mr. Philip K. Lippincott

Mallardi Realty LLC

Mr. Steven T. Marshburn

Steve Martin Used Cars

Ms. Kaye T. Massengill

Mr. Jack Matsukawa, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Miceli

Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Miceli

Mr. and Mrs. Elires P. Morris, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Moser

Mr. Michael J. Murphy

Mrs. Patti E. O'Donoghue

Parker Gas Company, Inc.

Ms. Tina Parks

Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo D. Pate

Mrs. Maria Perez

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pike

Ms. Audrey C. Power

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Riberi

Rickard Associates, Inc.

Rouseco, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Ted L. Rutledge

Mrs. Kari L. Sander

Mr. and Mrs. Ernesto L. Santos

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Santos

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Scott

Mr. Nicholas P. Settanni

Mr. Jeremy R. Shreve

Ms. Heather Smibert

Ms. Zoe Smibert

Mr. Jeff Smith

Mr. Raymond L. Smith

Mr. Roger Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Spiron, Jr.

SR Architects PA

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Stewart

Mr. Jay Stewart

Stockdale Technologies, Inc.

Mr. Dan Sullivan, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Sumner

Ms. Lynn T. Surum

Mr. Steven Swinhart

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Swinson

Mr. Lee Swinson

Mr. Phillip Thatch

Dr. and Mrs. George D. Thigpen

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob J. Thigpen, Jr.

Timberwolf Logging

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tolston

Transformer Maintenance & Service, Inc.

Dr. Roderick H. Turner

Mr. Steve H. Wallace

Ward Insurance Agency

Mr. Robert A. Warlick

Mr. Stuart Warren

Mr. T. S. White

Mr. Doyle I. Whitfield

The Reverends Aubrey and Carla Williamson
Mrs. Nancy Yasalonis

White Level ($50-99)

Mr. and Mrs. Antinio Abbate

Mr. Jonathan D. Adams

Joe Alcoke Auto & Truck Center

Mr. Ricky L. Anderson

Mr. W. A. Barrow

Mr. Brian Bauer

Beach ATM Services, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bell

Mr. Lavon Benson

Ms. Tracey Benson

Big Three Liquor, Inc.

Mr. Richard W. Blakeley

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Blanton

Mr. Benjamin G. Blinson

Mr. Thomas F. Brown, Jr.

Brown's Photography

Ms. Joan C. Burge

Mr. Stacy A. Burker

Mr. Jeffrey Cait

Carr Riggs & Ingram

Ms. Cynthia W. Carter

Cella Ford

Ms. Jennifer S. Charles

Collegiate Licensing Company

Mrs. Sharon N. Connor

Mrs. Nancy T. Conzoneri

Creative Apparel Concepts, Inc.

Ms. Shawn D. DelliColli

Bobby Denning Furniture

Ms. Mary L. Duncan

Ms. Nancy M. El-Khoury

Mr. and Mrs. Randy H. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Faircloth

E. T. Ferrell & Son

Ms. Christine M. Fiore

Ms. Kristie R. Floyd

Mr. Roger D. Ford

Mr. Joel Fritts

Mr. Stephen M. Fritz

Ms. Surendra Ganness

Mr. Jordan Germano

Mr. Hersel Gilliam

Ms. Michelle Girgus

Mr. Thomas Girgus

Mr. James Grant

Greater Mt. Nebo A.M.E. Church

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Gremillion

Mr. Gregory P. Greyno

Ms. Andrea J. Groebner

Mr. Jon M. Gurganus

H & C Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. William G. Haughan

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund L. Holcroft

Mr. and Mrs. W. Howell

Mr. Jonathan G. Hudson

Ms. Connie H. Huffman

The Honorable B. R. Huggins

Mr. Frank J. Iovinelli

Jarman Tire Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Jones

Mr. Jimmy L. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Jones, Jr.

Mr. Richard A. Jones

Mr. Grant A. Kelam

Charles S. Kelly

Kelly's Wrecker Service, Inc.

Kennedy's Automotive Center Inc.

Dr. Amy M. Kimes

Mr. Jeffery A. King

Ms. Jacqueline J. Kirby

Mr. Kenneth A. Kirby, Jr.

Knights Apparel, Inc.

Mr. David M. Knowles

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Lambros

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lawrence

Mr. Daryl A. Lee

Mrs. Wendy Lee

Lexington Pools LLC

Mr. Nicholas R. Libernini, Jr.

Liggett Vector Brands LLC

Lil Brown Smoke Shack, Inc.

Lorillard Tobacco Company

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lowery

Ms. Colby Mangum

Mr. Lance C. Martin

W. P. Martin Store

Mr. Tony W. Massengill

Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. McCluskey

Mr. Daniel P. McDermott

McKee Foods Corporation

Ms. Patricia McKee

Ms. Elsie G. Mercado

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Miceli, Jr.

Ms. Christy H. Miles

Mills International, Inc.

Ms. Ashley A. Mitchell

Ms. Mary E. Mitchell

Mr. Clifford E. Moskow

Mrs. Monica D. Needam

Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Noble

Mrs. Sue W. Novicki

Parker Drug Company

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Parker

Ms. Iris U. Pate

Ms. Leona B. Paulson

Ms. Genora Pike

Pink Hill Chiropractic

Mr. Don A. Poplin, Jr.

Mr. Ron Prichard

Pro-Med First Aid

Promotional Specialties Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rash

Ms. Janice Reid-Franczak

Dr. Junius H. Rose

Ms. Amanda J. Sansbury

Ms. Diane Schullstrom

Ms. Irma M. Schultz

Mr. Thomas R. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Seniff

Mr. David G. Shulimson

Ms. Nancy M. Sigmon

Ms. Teresa S. Slade

Mr. Keith Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Smith

Mr. Ryan Smith

Mr. Tyler K. Smith

Mr. Hyman Stadiem

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Steele

Mr. Victor G. Stephenson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Stewart

Ms. Barbara Sward

Ms. Carol S. Sykes

Tarheel Mobile Home Supply

Mrs. Callie M. Thomas

Thomas-Dean Florist Inc.

Ms. Barbara A. Thompson

Ms. Leraine H. Tolston

Tony's Service Center

Top Of The World

Ms. Ida Trogdon

Mr. Marti K. Truesdale

Turner Farms, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Tyler

Tyndall Funeral Home

Ms. Carole A. Urys

Ms. Charline Vande Burgt

Ms. Shirley Viscarello

Mr. Hugh E. Wallace

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk D. Wallace

Waylin Animal Clinic

Ms. Nancy J. Westfall

Mr. Rex S. Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Roy K. Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Williams

Mr. Robert Winston

Mr. and Mrs. Emory G. Worley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Zimmerman