Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

University Of Mount Olive Sports Medicine - Mission Statement

The Sports Medicine staff at the University of Mount Olive exists to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in the safest and healthiest manner possible. The University of Mount Olive Sports Medicine staff commits itself to providing personalized, comprehensive, contemporary and effective health care that focuses on the student-athlete. The present and future welfare of the student-athlete will always be uppermost in the actions of the sports medicine staff. 

The members of the University of Mount Olive Sports Medicine staff will dedicate their skills to prevention, rehabilitation, recognition, education and evaluation of athletic injuries as well as the proper treatment of athletic injuries. The Sports Medicine staff members will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, following the standards and practices of the University of Mount Olive athletic training room, University of Mount Olive and the National Athletic Trainers Association. 

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