Trojan Cup

Trojan Cup Points Submission Form 

In order to encourage participation and foster healthy competition, we are instituting the Trojan Cup. Through the Trojan Cup, it is our goal to reward those teams and individuals who represent the complete student-athlete at the University of Mount Olive. This Trojan Cup will be presented at the annual student-athlete awards banquet in April to the team with the most points from September 1, 2017 – April 1, 2018. The winners of the Trojan Cup will receive the Trojan Cup, T-shirts, and of course bragging rights. SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Committee) members must submit a point sheet form in order to receive points. At the end of each semester the team's total points will be calculated. Student-athletes can earn points for their teams in five categories:

1.         Academic Excellence –Teams will be awarded additional points based on their team GPA (3.0 or higher). Teams will receive 200 additional points.


2.         Community Outreach – This category refers to community service.  Outreach can be done as a team, with other student-athletes from other teams, or individually.  Points will be given for each student-athlete that participates in the community service event as well as team points if the entire team participates.


3.         Cultural Event – This category refers to events on campus that involve the Art, Business, Music, and outreach programs offered at Mount Olive. Events can include Art shows, Guest or special lectures, Chapel, SAAC Student Talent Show, Recitals, Music Department Concerts, or Plays.  


4.         Trojan Pride – This category awards points to teams and athletes that go the extra mile to support their fellow student-athletes by attending each other’s sporting events.  Any athletes who attend a competition will receive points, individually or as a team.


5.         SAAC Participation – Teams will earn 10 points for each meeting they have a representative in attendance.  In the case that a meeting conflicts with competition/School Assignments, the team can earn points by sending a teammate to the SAAC meeting in place of the SAAC representative.


NEW BONUS CATEGORY – Take a picture with your team or members attending an event and post it on INSTAGRAM with the #Trojancup and your team will receive 50 bonus points per contest. One photo per contest/event will be counted.


The Scoring System:

Individual Points – Individuals will earn 5 points for their team for each individual effort in cultural and Trojan pride events and 5 points for community outreach events.  At the end of each semester, the points will be divided by the number of student-athletes on the active roster for each sport.  This should account for the varying numbers on rosters.

Team Points – Team efforts, defined as 75% participation, for all categories, earn 200 points per Cultural and Trojan Pride events and 500 points per Community Outreach event.

Proof of Attendance – Attendance of Trojan Cup events is required. Individuals must supply information signifying their attendance at an event to their SAAC representative. This can differ based on an event, but must include information on what they saw or score of the game when they left.

Form Submission – Forms can only be submitted by the team's respective SAAC Representative. Submission of any forms not from the SAAC representative will not count in Trojan Cup Standings.